SABC accepting RSO funding requests

The Student Activities Budget Committee is now accepting electronic application requests until March 30 at 5 p.m. for Registered Student Organizations seeking funding for the next fiscal year. 

“Everything is already coming in,” Student Government Association President and SABC Chairman Evan Karanovich said. “We have people who have already sent in (their applications). I think we already have two or three applications. But a lot of them will come later in the month, once people prepare their budgets during these first couple weeks.”

In order to be considered for SABC funding, the RSOs must be in compliance with several guidelines. Currently there are 160 RSOs on campus.

According to the SABC guidelines the group or activity must be officially recognized as a RSO and be able to show proof of campus involvement for at least the past two consecutive years. The group must have a faculty or staff adviser, and the RSO purely exists to serve or represent the student body as a whole.

Though the RSO can require certain abilities or talents of its participants, programs and participation with the RSO must be open to all students and there can be no discrimination on the basis of race, sex or national origin. Also, only activities, services, physical items or programs that are necessary for the organization’s basic functions and goals should be funded, and all funded items must be available to all members of the RSO.

For fiscal year 2012, nine of the 53 RSOs who requested funding were not allocated money by SABC, but Karanovich has a goal to fund 30 to 50 RSOs this year.

“The initial budget figure we are looking at for FY13 is $983,000, and that’s give or take,” Karanovich said.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Paul Jahr said the Budget Office provides this initial Student Activity Fee budget based on projected enrollment and fees.

“The budget that is provided to SABC is a best guestimate on the part of the Budget Office, especially on the part of Ms. (Susan) Allen (chief budget officer),” Jahr said.

This budget breaks down into certain formula funded groups including: unallocated reserve contribution at 10 percent, the Department of Campus Life at 45 percent, intramural field maintenance at 1 percent, The GIVE Center at 6 percent, SGA at 8 percent, Homecoming activities at 8 percent, Campus Activities Board at 6 percent and additional RSOs are funded at 16 percent.

The Student Activity Fee, which is set at $81 provides the overall budget for these organizations and departments.

Once the amount of money is determined more definitively and applications are processed, hearings take place with the seven committee members. Those members include: current SGA President Karanovich, President-Elect Cody Allen, Vice President-Elect Stephen Hundley, Secretary-Elect Sarah Rose Remmes, Treasurer Sean Espinosa, the appointed attorney general and the president pro-tempore, who have not been named at this time.

Only the newly elected officials have voting rights, and Karanovich will only vote in the event of a tie.

Karanovich said RSOs should check their status with the Department of Campus Life to ensure their application could be considered.

“I would caution people to make sure they are re-registered with the Department of Campus Life, because if you are not registered as an organization, then you are, of course, unable to request funds through SABC,” Karanovich said. “So make sure you are in good standing as a Registered Student Organization and then you can go through the process.”

Both Jahr and Karanovich suggest turning in applications as soon as possible, so if anything needs clarification it can be taken care of before the deadline.

For more information about applying for SABC funding and a list of SGA senator advisers may be found on

If you want to apply, visit

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