Director of Allied Arts responds in a Q&A session about changes coming in the next year and their impact on students at GC

The Colonnade sat down with Executive Director of Allied Arts Randy Cannon, to discuss art in the Milledgeville community, the Student Activity Budget Committee funding cuts and upcoming events. 

Q: What exactly is Allied Arts?

A: Our mission is to provide quality arts opportunities for the citizens of Milledgeville and Baldwin County. We were founded in 1977, and we have a board of directors. We have a mission support system that includes adult classes and workshops, children classes and camps; we have a full schedule of exhibits in the gallery that changes about every six weeks.

Q: How is Allied Arts funded?

A: We have a mixed bag of things. We receive a lot of our funding from the City of Milledgeville, and that is kind of our base budget of salaries and stuff. We also do a lot of grant writing, and then we have earned income. Those are basically our three areas, but we also have private support, and we often get sponsors to help us out with stuff. We recently had a Milledgeville resident who left us $10,000 in their will. Our budget is about $220,000 a year.

Q: Where does Allied Arts conduct their exhibits and workshops?

A: We have the Marlor House here, which is an 1830 house that we acquired through grant money, and it was deeded to the City of Milledgeville and designated for arts use back in 1980. The building across the street is the Allen’s Market building, and that’s where our children’s camps and workshops and small performances take place.

Q: Does Allied Arts have a partnership with Georgia College?

A: Yes, we have a very important partnership with Georgia College called the Town & Gown Arts Series, and through that series work with the Arts Unlimited Committee. Through our combined resources, we can bring in a lot better groups and do a lot more than either one of us could do alone. We have a pretty unique partnership in terms of what the university and the community does together, and it is one that has seen some reduced funding in the past couple of years.

Q: How long has Allied Arts been partnered with Georgia College?

A: The partnership is 31 years old. I don’t want to see it go down that drain because I think it is beneficial to the students and the community. We have brought in some of the most recognized names even in the international community in terms of artist.

For more information on Allied Arts visit their website at or call (478) 452-3950.

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