Baseball’s Spinner elected to SGA Senate

Written by: Monica Klinkmueller

In the recent SGA Senate elections, sophomore lefthanded pitcher Bradley Spinner won a seat in the Senate and is now handling the responsibilities of both a student athlete and a SGA Senator.

“I felt like running for SGA Senate would not only allow me to improve skills for my future profession, but I would also get to help enhance both the student and student athletic experience here at Georgia College,” Spinner said. “I feel like athletes weren’t represented well in the past. I’m the only athlete in the Senate right now, so I would be able to give athletics a voice and show other Senate members what athletics is all about.”

Spinner is part of two committees within the Senate, Appropriations and Ethos. The Appropriations committee assigns each Senator a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) and the Senator is responsible for representing that RSO and working with them to get the funding they need.

The Ethos committee focuses on school spirit and increasing student attendance at athletic events. “I want to make Georgia College a better place, I want to enhance the student athlete experience here and I want to make a big impact,” Spinner said. “I’m going to give it 100 percent effort and hopefully I can have some positive results.”

Being a student athlete gives Spinner a different perspective from other Senators, though he is not planning on solely focusing on enhancing the relations between students and the athletic department. In fact, Spinner has a variety of ideas regarding school spirit and school traditions. “I really want to put some effort into coming up with new traditions on campus,” Spinner said. “For example, I think that Bobcats Fridays, where everyone is supposed to wear blue and green on Fridays, isn’t executed as well as it could be. I’d like to change that and maybe even come up with some new traditions for our students.”

Coach Eller thinks that despite his busy schedule, Spinner will have no issues fully dedicating himself to both the baseball team and the Senate. “He’s going to instill his love for Georgia College. He takes a lot of pride in what we’re doing as a university and as an athletic department, so I think he’s going to be a breath of fresh air,” Eller said. “I have seen his leadership skills firsthand on the baseball field and on our pitching staff. He has a very loud voice and he carries a very big stick.”

Athletic director, Wendell Staton, thinks that Bradley’s mentality is something the Senate will greatly benefit from. “To me, it’s just like our government in the United States, you’ve got different pockets and different segments throughout the country with different populations, and a lot of diversity,” Staton said. “I think the same level of diversity is important to have in any government situation and Bradley would be the first student athlete we’ve had in a few years to be on the Senate.”

Part of the reason why athletes are so rarely involved with the Senate is due to their demanding schedule filled with games, practices and events. Staton, however, seems confident that Spinner will be able to handle both his baseball and Senate schedule.

“Bradley is special. He’s one of the people who can juggle multiple things and do them all well, and I don’t have any doubts that he will be successful in all facets,” Staton said.

(Feature image by: Lisa Benson)

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