Bobcat athletics hosts annual golf tournament

Written by: McKenna Jones

The Bobcat Classic Golf Tournament is one of two fundraisers the athletic department holds every year. The tournament has been successful in past years, and this year continued that success.

The tournament is always very profitable in terms of fundraising. The athletic department does not know the final number for this year’s tournament yet, but their goal each year is to raise between $20,000 to $25,000 for the general fund, which is used for a variety of needs. Whether it be drainage at one of the fields or scholarship money for one of the sports, the money is put to good use.

In addition to fundraising success, the event is also successful in the turnout. “This golf tournament is crucial to the success of our athletic department each year,” assistant athletic director Al Weston said. “The support from our sponsors, and those that come to enjoy the tournament itself each year help us supply the best possible student athlete experience for the best student athletes in the country.”

Many different people participated in the Bobcat Classic Golf Tournament this year. From alumni to student athletes, there was a diverse crowd at the Harbor Club at Lake Oconee, where the tournament was held. GC tennis coach and assistant athletic director Steve Barsby was the facilitator of this event and saw all the different people attendees and participants in action.

“A lot of sponsors that are involved with the campus, alumni groups, a lot of guys that are friends of the university that know about it and play. I think we ended up having 37 teams so we had 148 people play, so it was great,” Barsby said. “And they get to meet the student athletes and the coaches and see a little bit what Georgia College is about. We had the Chairman of the Foundation Board play in it and talk to everybody so that was nice.”

Like any event, the tournament has evolved over the years. “We’ve moved it around a couple of courses. We played it at Harbor Club probably the last six to eight years. It started as ‘Hey let’s raise a little money for the Athletic Department,’ it’s gotten bigger, and some years it’s bigger than others,” Barsby said. “Stan Aldridge, our athletic director, started it and then when I came on as assistant [athletic director] we just kept it running and hopefully it will keep running for many more years.”

(Feature image by: Angie Moryan)

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