Phi Mu hosts Peach State Pride Bowl

Written by: Monica Klinkmueller

On Sept. 24, Phi Mu hosted their second annual Peach State Pride Bowl, a flag football tournament that raised money for Children’s Healthcare, Navicent Health in Macon. This is one of the many hospitals that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals supports and all the funds that were raised went directly to CMN.

“Last year during recruitment, our president got a call from one of the founders of Peach State Pride telling us about his idea to have a flag football tournament,” junior member, Ansley Jones said. “He was a Georgia College alum so he wanted to have the tournament here, because he was familiar with intramurals here, the city and just everything about Georgia College.”

Peach State Pride, a well-known southern clothing company that specializes in T-shirts, hats and other accessories, originally had the idea of hosting a tournament to raise money for CMN. Phi Mu and Peach State Pride saw huge success at last year’s tournament, so the pair decided to make it an annual event.

“Honestly, Georgia College and Milledgeville are two of my favorite places in the world. I love everything about the city, so I think it is important that Phi Mu and other organizations have events that really bring people together,” Jones said. “We have one of the best intramural flag football teams playing, but then we also have a team from sororities. It’s just fun to know that we are having an event that is for anyone and everyone.”

With a men’s and women’s bracket, the tournament recruited 12 teams. The tournament started with round robin pool play, guaranteeing each team two games before progressing in single elimination. “I want this event to send the message to people that no matter what you are involved in or what your passions are, we can all come together to support each other and have fun while doing it,” Jones said.

The pair has raised awareness for Children’s Miracle to the tune of roughly $3,600 from this year’s tournament. Participants spent the day playing flag football and having fun all while supporting a worthy cause.

“The whole day was a lot of fun and I loved it because it was all for the kids. I would totally do it again next year,” freshman participant and Phi Mu, Morriah Mackey said.

(Feature image by: Monica Klinkmueller)

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