Art-to-Art Talks

Written by: Mary Kate Conner

This week, the A&E section has a literary theme. We’ve met poets and fiction writers and librarians – those who keep a love of the written word alive in Milledgeville. One such bibliophile is Marykate Malena, the editor-in-chief at GC’s literary and creative arts journal, “The Peacock’s Feet.”

Malena, a senior English literature major, grew up with a passion for the written word. “I’ve been reading my whole life. It was always something that was really important to me,” Malena said. “But I didn’t really consider it something I would pursue in my studies or as a career until I got to high school and I had a really good English teacher – all English majors seem to have one.”

When she got to GC, The Peacock’s Feet was one of the first organizations Malena got involved with. When the time came to select a new editor-in-chief, Malena took a big step forward and got the job. Now leading a new staff of fellow lit lovers, Malena enjoys the weight of the legacy associated with the journal.

“The journal itself is so connected with the English Department, it really feels like I’m part of something that is always going to always be a part of Georgia College,” Malena said. “I’m really happy I get to be at the helm of that.”

The Peacock’s Feet held their first Red Earth Readings event of the year. Malena stated that, on a basic level, these events are a soft advertisement for the upcoming edition of the journal, but more importantly, they are a unique medium for sharing student work. Malena believes that sharing literature aloud has a different impression than the written word itself.

“With sharing out loud I think you’re able to put a little bit more of yourself into the reading,” Malena said. “There was this one reader we had last night and I really enjoyed his story, but what I liked most was his storytelling. I just thought it really brought me into his writing in a way I might not have gotten before.”

Following the success of the first event of the year, Malena believes the future of the journal is looking bright. She hopes it will encourage more people to submit their work to her eager team of editors. “Every year it grows and grows, and kind of becomes this living breathing thing that we get to take care of. I like being a part of taking care of something like that,” Malena said.

After graduating in May, Malena hopes to go into work in the publishing industry. Malena believes that literature itself plays a pivotal role in our lives and within our society. “I think it’s the purest way for people to share their perspective with other people,” said Malena. “I think you can never produce writing that isn’t an image of some truth inside yourself. It’s the best way to kind of perpetuate empathy and be able to understand other people better and understand the world better.”

If you are interested in submitting your work to “The Peacock’s Feet,” they will be accepting submissions through Dec. 5.

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