Off the RECord

Written by: Michael Campagna

Underneath the artsy exterior of Georgia College’s acclaimed liberal arts reputation lies an athletic program big enough to rival even the largest of campus organizations – GC Rec Sports.

This hidden gem of Bobcat athletics is tucked away in the West Campus intramural fields, a hub for nearly 2500 students last year alone. Geared toward both the athlete and non-athlete alike, Rec Sports seeks to build community and leadership skills outside of the arts and education-based atmosphere of everyday campus life.

In an effort to highlight the many facets of athletics offered by Rec Sports, the “Off the RECord” column was created. With a focus on intramural and club teams, my goal through this column is to sit down with a variety of individuals involved with these organizations to fully capture the inclusive spirit of Rec Sports. So whether you are a die-hard athlete, a more casual competitor, or even the most athletically challenged of students, this column is for you.

As far as GC club sports go, there are none that offer more variety in sporting options and events than the Multisport Club. With emphasis primarily on running, biking and swimming, the Multisport Club is designed to train athletes to compete in triathlons and other long distance events. However, unlike some of the other sports clubs offered at GC, the Multisport Club does not require that its members have prior experience or even their own equipment in order to participate.

“It’s a way for people that haven’t done triathlons before to get into doing triathlons, but also the ones that do triathlons to train better and provide options for them to do more races,” said Claire Williams, the club’s vice president.

Despite the difficulty of competing in races like the Ironman triathlon – a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run – beginners are encouraged to join and start off small with local 5K races. “We welcome people of all sorts of physical abilities in our club and just want to promote wellness, and activity on the Georgia College campus,” said Samuel Archbold, the club’s president.

While the leaders of the club understand the commitment and hard work that it takes to accomplish long-distance events, they believe that with proper training everyone is capable of achieving that goal. “I think anyone on this campus could reach the physical capability to do a sprint triathlon within at least two years,” Williams said. “For most people it would be easy within a semester.”

In the past, several of the individual members of the club have competed on the regional and national levels, consistently placing in each race. But even though the Multisport Club was established over five years ago, it is still in the developmental stages as the leaders continue to look for new members to expand the program. “We just want to get the name of the sport out there,” Archbold said. “When it comes to health, swimming, biking and running are some of the best things for cardiovascular health.”

But the club does more than just train. Apart from race day preparation and goal-oriented exercises, the Multisport Club focuses on building a sense of inclusion and community throughout the GC campus. “We don’t really care about medals and trophies,” Archbold said. “We just want people to learn about the sport, promote their general health, and promote their general well-being and fitness all around.”

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