Rec Sports wraps up intramural season

Written by: Michael Campagna

As the GC intramural program prepares to make its annual transition from early fall sports to late fall, mid-semester playoff games are the dominant focus for Rec Sports fanatics. With the incentive of a free T-shirt and bragging rights, teams look to finish off the semester’s first season strong in sports like flag football, beach volleyball and spikeball before the shift to indoor activities later in the month.

This season has seen major growth in the Rec Sports program, primarily through the number of sports offered and the amount of students involved. According to Rec Sports records, nearly 1600 students participated in at least one of the 12 different sports offered throughout the course of the season, making it the most successful season the program has had.

Because of the extensive range of sports offered this season, students have been able to get involved even more than in previous seasons. Kayla Bennett is one such student, boasting 28 overall wins this semester alone among five different sports, both girls and coed. Bennett currently leads all female students in intramural wins. “I’ve always liked playing [intramurals] from the moment I got here freshman year,” Bennett said. “It’s been a good experience for me all around.” Bennett has taken full advantage of intramurals during her time at GC.

In fact, in the past few years she was able to go to nationals for both flag football and basketball, an experience she credits for many of the lasting friendships she has made through Rec Sports. “I’ve gotten to know other girls that I normally would be playing against but got to play with, so I think it’s kind of like a family,” Bennett said. This season in particular has been special for Bennett mainly because of the growth she has seen in the Rec Sports program. With the use of new technology and communication methods, the program has extended its reach and allowed for more direct access to the student body.

“I know they’re trying to be more involved in social media,” Bennett said. “And I think that helps a lot of people.” However, with 30 different brackets in place for the playoff games, Rec Sports director Bert Rosenberger said this season has been both extensive in growth but increasingly difficult to manage. While new social media accounts have helped reach students faster, the growing number of student participants makes it hard to work with everyone’s schedules.

“It’s been the biggest [season] which has been nice, but sometimes it has been hard to accommodate everyone’s scheduling needs,” Rosenberger said.

As the next season of intramurals quickly approaches, other sporting events are being planned, including indoor volleyball, basketball and soccer, while a plan is also in place to work with students’ schedules even more to make the intramural program run smoother.

“We hope to minimize the number of forfeits and defaults by educating our participants on our new rescheduling process,” Rosenberger said. The early fall intramural season is set to conclude this Wednesday and Thursday, in which 30 new teams of champions will be crowned.

Students interested in playing intramurals during the late fall season can register at and follow @gcrecsports on Instagram for more information.

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