App rewards fans for attending athletic events

Written by: Monica Klinkmueller

Bobcat Fan Rewards is a loyalty rewards program that allows Georgia College students and members of the community to receive a variety of prizes ranging from GC cups, stickers, free intramural team codes, gear and even a GC Bobcats tent for attending GC Athletic events.

“I knew that virtually every GC student came to at least one athletic event,” athletic communications director Alan Weston said. “My goal was I wanted people to come to more than one, I wanted repeat offenders. I wanted to give them a reason to come back.”

To access the rewards program, Bobcat fans can download the app which utilizes a location based check-in and a QR code scanner to reward fans for attending athletic events. The app also features a schedule of all athletic events and a leaderboard so participants can see where their points stack up in relation to other fans.

“The goal was to entice folks to come back to multiple athletic events,” Weston said. “It’s the idea that we have a great product here of student athletes who are doing their best to represent GC, and I want to get more fans.”

After downloading the app, Bobcat fans can easily check in at athletic events and receive points for attending. Most games are five points, but special promotional events will offer fans additional points. After accumulating points, fans can choose from a wide range of prizes for a variety of points.

Angela Moryan, a senior at Georgia College, started using the Bobcat Fan Rewards at her freshman orientation and currently has 479 points. “I think it’s a great way to get students to come out to home events,” Moryan said. “It’s a rewards system and who doesn’t like getting rewards. It’s a great way for people to support Bobcat athletics while getting something in return.”

The current leading scorer is Glenn Abbey, who has had a long relationship with Georgia College and started using the rewards app since it debuted. Abbey has been a member of the Milledgeville community for years, and his daughter, Olivia, attended Georgia College and received her master’s degree in Family Counseling. Abbey currently holds the top position with 2,211 points.

“It’s always been a family affair with us, my daughter was born the year they opened the Centennial Center and that’s really when we started attending anything and everything. As she grew, she could bring home the Union Recorder and she would circle all the events we were going to go to,” Abbey said.

“We went to everything: plays, sporting events, recitals, and it became part of what we did as a family. We’ve been doing this for a long time and the fan rewards just become part of it all.”

Abbey had no problem reaching 1,000 points needed to receive the coveted GC Bobcats tent. Clearly, love for Georgia College runs in the family. Students and fans can download the Bobcat Fan Rewards app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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