FBI and IRS officials raid Capital City and Chops

By Emily McClure

Updated on March 1, 2017: The Union-Recorder reported on Wednesday, March 1, that the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force arrested two Capital City employees in a drug bust shortly before 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

The two men arrested, identified as James Eric Scarborough and Paul Michael Creech, have been charged with multiple counts of Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. The drug task force commander, Wesley Nunn, told the Union-Recorder at the scene that the task force had sworn out a total of 14 felony drug warrants against the two suspects.

Both men were charged with  possession of a Scheduled III narcotic of steroids with intent to distribute.

The arrests were made after FBI and IRS officials discovered pill and liquid steroids during Tuesday’s raid on Capital City and Chops.

Creech and Scarborough have been jailed at the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center. 

Officials from the FBI and IRS executed several federal warrants on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at Capital City and Chops, a nightclub and a bar in downtown Milledgeville.

Officials serving the warrants said they were not allowed to discuss the nature of the proceedings taking place at Capital and Chops.

Throughout the day, officers and a K-9 unit moved back and forth between the entrances to the club and bar, taking pictures and leading a German shepherd from door to door. Members of the FBI Evidence Response team carried laptops, other electronic equipment, boxes and bags to unmarked vehicles parked on the street at the front and back of the building.

Local business owners said the federal officials arrived before 8 a.m. Activity in the building continued for more than seven hours before FBI officers began taking down the crime scene tape at 3:18 p.m.


Photo By: Emily McClure

A Wilkinson County K-9 unit was taken from door to door throughout the afternoon.


Stephen Emmett, a spokesperson for the FBI office in Atlanta, said the following in a statement: “The FBI, along with our IRS partners, have executed several federal search warrants throughout the state in conjunction with an ongoing federal investigation, the details of which I cannot discuss at this time. In addition to Milledgeville, search warrants were also executed in Valdosta, Tifton and Statesboro, among other places.”

Additionally, an officer with the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force, who said she could not be named because she and her team were working undercover, said the drug task force was supporting the FBI in the investigation, but she could not give any further information.

Four former employees from Capital City independently confirmed the following details. They said that Rocky Duncan Jr. is the manager at Capital, they were only paid in cash from tips and they never filled out any employment documents or received a W-2 form for their employment there.

“I worked there for a year, and I never saw any of that s—,” said one former employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

According to irs.gov, the official website for the Internal Revenue Service, all employers are required to report wage information for their employees on W-2 forms. These forms also report the paycheck’s withheld federal, state and other taxes.

Employers can face serious consequences for evading employment taxes and may be subject to criminal or civil sanctions.

Rocky Duncan Jr. said on the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 28, that he is not the manager of Capital City, and that he is not affiliated with Chops or Capital except for the fact that he lives in a loft apartment above Capital. He said that he has been out of town and and does not know anything about the FBI and IRS activity there on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

However, Duncan Jr. could not be reached on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 28, for comment on the statements made by the former Capital employees. The Colonnade tried to contact Duncan Jr. five times, both by phone call and text message.

The Colonnade will continue to update this story as information becomes available.


Photo by: Emily McClure

The FBI Evidence Response Team concluded the operation by taking photos of the outside of the building.


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