Articles by Cara Davis

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University hosts GHRO conference

On Jan. 28 and Jan. 29, students from schools across Georgia will be visiting the Georgia College as the Resident Student Association will host the GHRO Conference. GHRO stands for the Georgia Residence Hall Organization….

Senior art major Anne Humphrys stands in front of her senior exhibit. From top left, Janis Joplin on decorative sheet metal, John Lennon on glass plates and wood, Willie Nelson on wood with guitar strings, B.B. King on a window pane, Louis Armstrong on pegboard with twinkle lights, Elton John on a mirror, 2Pac Shakur on a metal industrial drip pan and Lady Gaga on wood with compact discs. Humphrys painted a keyboard border to showcase her work.

Senior artists show their work

Exhibits litter the walls of local buildings, studios As a part of their senior capstone, art majors have been showing their works all week during their senior art shows. The shows ran from Monday at…

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Swimcats finish third at GSU event

On Oct. 16 GCSU’s Swim Cats team competed against three other schools in a swim competition. At the meet, the girls club swim team placed third, the boys placed fourth and overall the Swim Cats…

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SGA promotes election debate

The first student-led Georgia Gubernatorial Debate, a debate between three major party candidates in the Governor’s race, will be held on Oct. 7 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m at the Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios…